Vintage Gems

Vintage Gems

Where am I?

Welcome to our charming corner of the internet, where old treasures find new life! Step into a world of vintage wonders at my online emporium. I lovingly restore and curate second-hand gems, transforming them into timeless delights. Explore my collection and discover the joy of bringing the past into the present.

Elegant Murano glass creations: exquisite vases, delicate sculptures, and dazzling jewelry – each a masterpiece.
Unleash your inner magpie with these shiny delights – gold jewelry, your instant glam upgrade
silver items
Timeless, versatile, and affordable, it adds elegance and charm to every look
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who am i?

I’m a mother of three wonderful boys, who have now grown into fine young men. My passion in life is the world of vintage jewelry and its restoration. I’ve been immersed in this fascinating hobby for three years, and over time, I’ve honed my skills to a more professional standard. There’s something truly enchanting about giving new life to old treasures, and I find immense joy in the process of bringing the past back to life through the intricate art of jewelry restoration. It’s a journey that not only brings me personal fulfillment but also allows me to share my love for vintage jewelry with the world.

who am i?

A mother of three grown sons, my three-year journey into vintage jewelry restoration led to a professional upgrade. Passionate about reviving treasures and preserving their beauty for future generations.

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From beautiful Murano glass jewelry to glass clowns 




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